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What do I need to get personalised email addresses?

In order to get personalised email (eg: you will need 2 things:

A domain

What is a domain?
A domain is your real estate on the internet. A domain is essentially rent from the registrar, and consists of only your name (without the www) and the extension (Referred to as the TLD) of the domain, such as or .com. For example, our domain is

Email hosting

What is email hosting and how does it tie into a domain?
Think of a domain as your phone number and email hosting as your airtime. Once you have a domain, you will need to add services to it. In most cases, web hosting refers to both the facilities required to host a website as well as to host your email. These two services are closely related and they usually share the same resources, which is why they are bundled. All of our web hosting plans include both facilities.

I’m ready to get started. What’s next?

It all starts with searching the registry to find out if your domain is free. All searches provide results in real time and are 100% accurate.
To search for your domain now, please visit our domains page.

Once you’ve found your perfect domain, simply add it to your cart and our system will ask you if you’d like to add hosting services.

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