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Thunderbird Email Account Setup

Step 1: Launch Thunderbird

Step 2: Select File on the main menu bar, select New and then select Add Account

Add a new email account

Step 3: Fill in your name, email address and the password you chose while creating the account in cPanel.

Basic Account Setup in Thunderbird

Step 4: Select Manual Config (bottom left corner).

Mail setup in Thunderbird

Step 5: Ensure that the account type is POP3. Use for both the incoming and outgoing mail server. Use port 587 for your SMTP server. Finally, your username is always your full email address.

Manual configuration in Thunderbird

Step 6: Ensure that the box is ticked and click Create account.

Accept SSL Warning

You should now be able to send and receive email through Thunderbird.

Side Note: Your user name is your full email address and the password will be the one you used when you created the email address is cPanel.

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